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Yamaha PSR S670: Full Review (2024)

With Yamaha PSR S670, you get more than what you paid for. It offers almost the same features as S770 and S970 at a lower price point. It is one of the best keyboards available on the market.

Rohan Bhatia


Yamaha PSR S670 Full Review

Review Summary

With this keyboard, you get more than what you paid for. It offers almost the same features as PSR S770 and PSR S970 at a lower price point. All in all, the Yamaha PSR S670 is incredibly easy to configure and is one of the best keyboards available in the market, especially for entry-level players. It is a fully loaded arranger keyboard and at this price, it is definitely a steal!


  • This keyboard has a variety of sounds and styles that can assist you in playing live music as well as creating mixes

  • The speakers are really good with improved sound quality

  • The voices and tones are very realistic 

  • It comes with Yamaha expansion module so you can download ‘music packs’ from the internet


  • Does not have detailed sequencing options for synthesizing and studio recording

  • All sounds are not of the same quality

  • Does not have a hammer action

  • Pitch bend wheel scrolls up and down instead of sideways


1. Introduction


When it comes to musical instruments, Yamaha is always at the top of the game. They have once again proven this with their PSR keyboard range. These are electronics keyboards designed to assist professional musicians and DJs in music production.

The Yamaha PSR S670 is a part of Yamaha’s PSR S range that is designed exclusively for musicians. With a sleek design and many new functions, this keyboard is indeed one of Yamaha’s best.

If you are planning to buy this keyboard, make sure to read this Yamaha PSR-S670 review before you make your final decision.

Features and Technical Specs

Before I dive deep into the review, you can take a look at all the features this keyboard offers.

External Specs


Metallic Dark Gray


1004 mm


134 mm




8.1 kg

Control Features

Number of Keys


Touch Response

5 Levels – Hard1, Hard2, Medium, Soft1, Soft2

Pitch Bend




Control Knobs

2 (assignable)


Tone Generating Technology

AWM Stereo Sampling

Number of Polyphony (Max)


Number of Voices

416 Voice + 34 Drum/SFX Kits + 480 XG Voices

Featured Voices

11 Mega Voices, 19 Sweet! Voices, 28 Cool! Voices, 19 Live! Voices



44 Presets + 3 User


71 Presets + 3 User


283 Presets + 10 User

Master Compressor

5 Presets + 5 User

Master EQ

5 Presets + 5 User



Amplifiers, Speakers and Connectivity


15 W x 2


12 cm x 2

Built-in Audio Recorder / Player


Aux In


Line Out

L/L+R, R


Connect directly to your computer with the USB TO HOST connection. Store your data via the USB TO DEVICE port.

Best Features

  • PSR S670 offers authentic sampled sounds: superb acoustic and electric piano sounds and several electronic sounds suitable for today’s dance music.
  • It has an intelligent arpeggio function with instant access to a library of arpeggiated synth phrases and patterns.
  • It has 230 styles including a brand new DJ category.
  • It offers two live controllers for instant control over effects and other functions, including filter, arpeggio, and track mute.
  • Expansion memory is a solid feature – add new voices, drum kits, and styles for extra versatility and enhanced performance.
  • You can find authentic voices and styles from around the world.
  • Scale Tuning – choose one of the presets or create your own scale and play in custom tunings for specific historical periods or music genres.

You can check the full specs at Yamaha’s official website.

Yamaha S670 with a sleak design

Review In Detail

This keyboard provides a lot more than expected. It's available for much less than the PSR S770 and PSR S970 and you get almost all the same features. Also, this keyboard is much lighter than the other two.

Let's dive deep into how good this keyboard actually is.

How's The Sound and Speakers?

The Yamaha PSR S670 originally has 416 Voices (including Megavoices), 34 Drum/SFX kits and 480 XG Voices, along with Yamaha’s expansion module, so get ready to play all types of music - Indian, Chinese, Latin, English - and anything else you like! Besides this, it also has 230 styles including a brand new DJ category.

The voices and styles work nicely for providing accompaniment.

The keyboard has authentic voices and styles from all over the world that sound more real than they did in the Yamaha E series, which means there is definitely an improvement in quality.

From piano to electric music, the PSR S670 gives incredibly realistic voices. Moreover, the DSP system emulates powerful effects for a true, professional sound.

The diversity of the Yamaha PSR S670 is excellent. You can go from a harmonica to a classical guitar to a saxophone and grand piano. It all sounds amazing. You also have the ability to add more sounds through expansion packs.

The Yamaha PSR S670 also has powerful built-in speakers which provide a crisp sound.

Another important part of this keyboard is the polyphony, which is the number of notes that can produce sound at the same time. This includes accompaniments and other tracks that may sound while you play the keyboard. The PSR S670 has a polyphony of 128 notes, which is ideal as with 128 notes, you have a good polyphony without limitations.

How Are The Effects and Controls?

The PSR S670 has 73 chorus types and 44 reverb types along with advanced arpeggios functions that help play difficult passages. This allows the user to record different sounds and then mix them during live performance.

Like the PSR S770 and PSR S970, the PSR S670 also comes with greater controls. It has a modulator and a synthesizer to assist DJs in creating and modifying the music played in real-time. These new features make the keyboard more versatile than other models. This keyboard gives you a chance to be a little creative and produce various effects using the live controls that are a wonderful addition to it.

In addition to this, the PSR S670 has multi-pad controls using which DJs can trigger playback of musical phrases, arpeggios and sound effects during a live performance. With this function, it is also possible to introduce your own live audio tracks whenever needed. Some other functions of this keyboard include recording and playback audio tracks, and crossfading between audio and MIDI playback.

Yamaha PSR S670 Multi Pad Control

What Else Is There?

Unlike other keyboards, this keyboard has an internal memory in which you can save audio tracks to play later. With this input function, you can create your own music from scratch and then plug in a computer to use it in your mixes.

It also has several metronome functions for transporting scales and an octave button as well. The Yamaha PSR S670 has a stereo line output which means you can easily connect the keyboard to any amplification system without an injection box, unlike the Yamaha E Series.

As far as the touch and pedals are concerned, the keyboard is equipped with several sensitivities but it doesn’t have hammer action. It has an input space for sustain pedal; however, the pedal is not included in the set. You can buy it separately. A sustain pedal doesn’t cost much but is a very important resource for a keyboard player as it helps you maintain a note.

Final Verdict

With this keyboard, you get more than what you paid for. It offers almost the same features as PSR S770 and PSR S970 at a lower price point.

It can be said that this keyboard is inspired by Yamaha’s flagship product - the Tyros workstation. It is a good alternative for those who cannot afford the top-of-the-line PSR arrangers.

It has top-quality sounds along with USB ports and options to save music. You can create new sounds using the built-in sounds. Since it is an arranger with many built-in styles, It is also good for songwriting.

With the PSR S670, you get to experience what a good electronic keyboard sounds like. It has all the tools that you need for creating your own music. Although it is not very flexible in editing tracks, you can easily lay down the tracks on the sequencer.

All in all, the Yamaha PSR S670 is incredibly easy to configure and is one of the best keyboards available in the market, especially for entry-level players. It is a fully loaded arranger keyboard and at this price, it is definitely a steal!

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