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We don't do things better, we do things differently


With multiple shopping options out there, we understand it becomes difficult to choose the best option.

why should you shop with us? BECAUSE WE CARE.

Buying musical instruments is an emotional moment, but also one full of confusions and apprehensions. Our goal is to help you break out of this perplexity and create an authentic experience for music lovers.

Here's what we do differently

Exceptional Protective Packaging

Music Instruments are big and fragile (do delivery guys even read the fragile sticker!?). If not packed and shipped with care, they tend to get damaged. A little bump while shipping might not have any visible effect on the product, but it might impair the tune of the instrument. We just make sure that the products you receive are top notch.

100% Genuine Products

We have a limited inventory. You’ll see only a few products on our website, the reason for that is we believe in quality over quantity. All products sold on Acoustic Bits are a 100% authentic and of the highest quality. We also have a 7 day replacement policy if the instrument delivered is defected somehow.

Priority Support

if you face any problem or difficulty during your shopping experience, we’re here for you. You can call/whatsapp us at +91-8700417043, email us at [email protected], or head over to this contact page¬†for a live chat support. Customer satisfaction is our first priority.

Authentic Experience

Music is an art, and you are the artist. We merely provide the tools you require. Since we are deeply compassionate about this art, we try our best to provide you the most authentic shopping experience. We are not a big marketplace where random untrusted sellers sell you stuff they don’t know about. We deliver each and every item with love.

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we hope to strike a chord with you and build an everlasting bond