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Difference between Yamaha classical guitars – C40 vs C70 vs C80

Yamaha Classical Guitar

Customers face a lot of confusion when purchasing a beginner Yamaha classical guitar.

Yamaha offers 3 classical guitar models – Yamaha C40, Yamaha C70 and Yamaha C80.

All three models are very similar, hence the confusion.

We have broken down all information and created a detailed comparison table to make it easier for people to decide on a specific model.

Yamaha C40 vs Yamaha C70 vs Yamaha C80

Model | FeatureYamaha C40Yamaha C70Yamaha C80
Back & SidesMerantiMerantiNato
Finger BoardRosewoodRosewoodRosewood
Body Depth94 – 100 mm94 – 100 mm94 – 100 mm
Nut Width52 mm52 mm52 mm
String Length650 mm650 mm650 mm
Tuning MachineChromeGoldGold
Purchase LinkBuy Yamaha C40Buy Yamaha C70Buy Yamaha C80

As you can see, the only differences are seen in two areas:

  • The wood used for the back and sides.
  • The metal used for the tuning machines.

I hope this comparison table helps you to make an informed decision about which guitar to purchase!

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