Sometimes Artists Are Treated As Objects: Sumer Bhatia

Sometimes Artists Are Treated As Objects: Sumer Bhatia

Sumer Bhatia, who has been taking over the Delhi music scene by storm is ready with his next single – “Kohre” and we can’t be more excited.

I got a chance to interview Delhi based singer and composer, Sumer Bhatia. In this interview he says that his creative process is simple – whenever he feels something it comes naturally to him, the words and melody just become tools after that.

Music has been a part of Sumer’s life since the very beginning. His family and culture automatically drew him towards music.

Sumer’s grandfather, Satish Bhatia, was a prominent music composer in Bollywood in the 70s, and sitting with his grandfather next to a harmonium is Sumer’s fondest memory of music.

I asked Sumer a few questions, here’s what he had to say.

Which Musicians Do You Look Up To And Why?

“Ahh, The list would be endless but if I was to take a few names musicians like Chayan Adhikari , Vasundhara Vee , Submarine In Space, Jacob Collier, Oscar Peterson, Nat King Cole, AR Rahman, George Pulinkala, Pakshee, Five8 , Anirudh Varma because these musicians and outfits remind me that one can really sound like themselves if they are honest with themselves and their zone.”

What Is The Inspiration Behind Your Latest Single Move On?

“My inspiration behind Move On was to let out the feelings that so many people feel but are unable to express so I tried to imbibe all those emotions into a song.”

My Verdict: Move On makes you feel things you didn’t even know you could feel. This shows that the production of the song was executed perfectly. The final creation is an embodiment of the initial idea.  

Move On by Sumer Bhatia

Is There A New Single Coming Up Soon?

“Oh yes! My next single “Kohre” is my personal favorite composition that I’ve written and I can’t wait to get that out.”

What Creative Process Do You Follow?

My creative process is very simple when I feel something it just comes to me and the words and melody just become tools.

Musicians Sumer Would Like To Collaborate With Next

Advaita- Band
Shubh Saran
Kush Upadhyay

Sumer’s Favorite Venues To Perform

Auro Kitchen & Bar
Hard Rock Cafe
The Finch
The Piano Man Jazz Club, Delhi and Gurgaon

Humble Request To All: Respect Artists.

Talking about the current music scenario, Sumer says that the thing he dislikes the most about this line of work is the fact that sometimes artists are treated like an object and people think they have bought their art with the ticket they buy for the show.

The thing he likes the most? Free food ?. The thing he actually likes the most is that his work keeps throwing surprises his way.

Sumer’s Advice To Beginners In The Music Industry

“Be aware of whatever you do and how you do it because it’s a difficult and a really challenging journey”

Sumer Bhatia

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