Difference Between Yamaha Classical Guitars – C40 vs C70 vs C80

Difference Between Yamaha Classical Guitars – C40 vs C70 vs C80

Customers face a lot of confusion when purchasing a beginner Yamaha classical guitar.

Yamaha offers 3 classical guitar models – Yamaha C40, Yamaha C70 and Yamaha C80.

All three models are very similar, hence the confusion.

I have broken down all information and created a detailed comparison table to make it easier for people to decide on a specific model.

Yamaha C40 vs Yamaha C70 vs Yamaha C80

FeatureYamaha C40Yamaha C70Yamaha C80
Back & SidesMerantiMerantiNato
Body FinishGlossGlossGloss
Neck FinishMatteMatteMatte
Finger BoardRosewoodRosewoodRosewood
Body Depth94 – 100 mm94 – 100 mm94 – 100 mm
Nut Width52 mm52 mm52 mm
String Length650 mm650 mm650 mm
Tuning MachineChromeGoldGold

As you can see, the only differences are seen in two areas:

  • The wood used for the back and sides.
  • The metal used for the tuning machines.

Which One Should You Choose?

If you’re on a tight budget, go for Yamaha C40.

If you want a premium guitar and have the budget for it, go for Yamaha C80.

Yamaha C80 uses Nato wood for the back and sides which gives it a much better sound.

Don’t Buy The Yamaha C70 Classical Guitar

I wouldn’t recommend Yamaha C70 to anyone because it’s not really an upgrade from Yamaha C40 (only the tuning machine is different) but the price difference between the two is a bit too high.

I hope this comparison helps you to make an informed decision about which guitar to purchase.

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  1. Michael

    To be honest there is a difference between the c70 and the c40 or c45m, I’ve played both guitars on countless occasions and as much as I enjoy both, I find myself always picking up the c70 for one main reason, and that is sound, the c40/c45m use laminated spruce tops where the c70 is a solid spruce top, the c70 sounds sweeter and has better note definition in my opinion because it resonates better, so if you can afford a c70 over a c40 go for the c70

    1. Rohan Bhatia

      Hi Michael! Thank you for telling the readers about this.

  2. Rod

    Hi Rohan,
    Thank you for this info. How to calculate the Nut Width of 52 mm for Yamaha guitars? I found different answer to this online. It seems that manufactures have different criteria. My worry is because I have fat fingers. What String Spacing is it? . Yamaha website announces a new guitars with Nut Width 52 mm and String distance 11.8 mm. My maths do not arrive to any conclusion. Thank you in advance from Miami Fl.

    1. Rohan Bhatia

      Hi Rod, it’s best if you can go to a store and try out different guitars. Playing a guitar is a personal experience and you should choose a guitar which feels comfortable to you.

  3. Don

    I just bought a C-70 over the C-40 a while agp. I concur with Michael on the subtle difference in sound quality. Now I know why. Cheers!

    1. Rohan Bhatia

      Hi Don! Thank you for letting the readers know about your experience.

  4. Mitka

    Hi, Rohan, I am moving from acoustic to classical and am not being able decide between C70 and C80. Please advise. Thanks!

    1. Rohan Bhatia

      I would suggest the C80, if you have the budget for it!

  5. Vinay Rao

    My question to you is that, have you played these guitars?

    I have played both C40 and C70. I felt C70 much better! as it has more clear sound than C40.

    I played and tested them both . I think you better edit this post. Because it my confuse people who are really willing to buy.

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